10 Things to Check When Buying a Villa in BaliūüĆī

This will be useful to those who are planning to build a villa themselves as well ;)

  1. Location. Each area in Bali has its own unique beauty that attracts different tourist groups.

  2. Neighbours. Is there a cock fighting ring, a nightclub, or the property is located too close to the noisy road? Are there constructions nearby? Check what they are building there. Do your research so it won't be a surprise for you when it's too late.

  3. The View. The villa today might have a beautiful view but in the future, someone can build and obstruct it. Make sure you don't overpay for the view unless it's guaranteed.

  4. Access Road. Is the access road paved or will it be paved in the future? Do you have a right to use it or the landowner can put a fence on it and ask for more money? You should definitely check this before making a final decision. 

  5. Drainage. Where is the water going off your property? Make sure it's okay with your neighbours. Is the drainage built properly so your property won't get flooded?

  6. Foundation Level. Did the builder raise the foundation high enough so the villa has an effective drainage system?

  7. Waterproofing. It's hard to check the waterproofing work when the building is complete but look for orange spots on the walls near the floor when inspecting the villa. Found some? Bad sign.

  8. Insolation. It will keep your villa quiet and airconditioned. For good insolation, the doors need to be well sealed and walls think enough.

  9. Overhangings. Make sure the villa has at least 0.5 meters overhanging to protect the windows and doors from mould damage.

  10. Materials. Not all materials are suitable for a Tropical climate. Check out our Guide for a list of our preferred materials that we use for our villas. Correct building and finishing materials saved us a lot of money on maintenance costs.